compatibility Notes

If you use one of my Datapacks in your World, it could be that some of them overcut with other Datapacks. The Chance that this happens is very small, but it does exist.


In the Table is every Identifier of my Datpacks listed. If another Datapack has the same Identifier, both won't work correctly.


If you press the Button you will be redirected to a Google Tabelle where are all CustomModelData for Items and Block Texture changes listed. If another Ressource Pack uses the same CustomModeldata or overwrites the same Block Texture, only the higher listed Texture Pack will work.

Murder Game murder
Jump and Run  jar
PetBag pb
Fried Eggs fried_eggs
Gateway gateway
Short Commands shortcmd
More Arrows more_arrows
Useful Golden Tools useful_gold
Wither Soldier wither_soldier
Better Wandering Trader useful_trader
Invisible Item Frame item_frame
Better Wandering Trader usftrader
Key chest_lock
Redstone Dot redstone_dot
Powered Enchanting powerench