Wither Soldier

This Datapack adds a new Mob called Wither Soldier to the Game. It spawns very rarely in the Soul Sand Valley.

The Wither Soldier holds a Netherite Sword and rides a Wither Skeleton Horse.


If you kill one of these you will get Wither Bones and with a very small Chance to obtain a Wither Soldier Skull. If you put it on your head you will be able to see Ancient Debris in a five block radius.



The Wither Bone you can use to craft Wither Bone Meal. If you use this on Grass, Saplings or Flowers, they will die. The Flowers have a chance to turn into a Wither Rose. Tocraft it, you need to drop a Wither Bone onto a Crafting Table. 

If you use this Datapack for the Version 1.15 the Wither Soldier Skull won't have any use, but you will have the Chance to obtain a Netherite Sword if you kill a Wither Soldier.

Special Stats of Wither Soldier (Changes from normal Wither Skeleton)

Health 20 Hearts (40 half Hearts)
Attack Damage 5 Hearts Damage (10 half Hearts)
Attack Knockback 3 (Default Value: 1.5)
Follow Range 30 Blocks (Value Zombie: 35)

Special Stats of Wither Skeleton Horse (Changes from normal Horse)

Health 10 Hearts (20 half Hearts)
 Movement Speed  0.3 (Value Player: 0.1)

To summon a Wither Soldier manuallyyou can use this command:

/function wither_soldier:spawn