Useful Golden Tools

Wondering what the Golden Tools are for? With this datapack you add meaning to the Tools.


This Datapack gives every Golden Tool his own special Ability.

But be careful! If you die, all Golden Tools in your Inventory will disappear and it isn't that easy to get them again, because the Crafting Recipes are also changed. Instead of using Golden Ingots, you now need Golden Blocks.


But this isn't every thing. Since you crafted the Golden Tools with Blocks they got very hard and are unbreakable now. 



The Crafting remains the same as in vanilla, only the Golden Ingots are replaced by Golden Blocks.

The Crafting Table will always show a Shovel as result, but you will get the correct Items after you take it out.

Tool Ability Explanation
Sword Fast Hit You haven't any Cooldown (only 1.15)
Pickaxe Autosmelt Smelts all Blocks like in furnace
Axe Timber Breaks all Logs above
Hammer (Shovel) 3x3 Mining Mines a 3x3 area
Hoe Reaping Plants the Seeds directly again
Helmet Night Vision Always a bright view
Chestplate Saturation Never again Hunger
Leggings Stronger Legs More Speed and higher Jumps
 Boots NoFall Damage  No fall Damage


To change the setting you need to execute this command and replace x with the matching number from bellow


/scoreboard players set #setting usfgold x

0  The Item is unbreakable and you lose it after death if you have it in your Inventory. (Default)

1  The Item is breakable and you don't lose it.

2  The Item is unbreakable and you don't lose it.


3  The Item is breakable and you lose it.

  • The Datapack won't work with Tools, which are crafted befor the Datapack was installed.

  • If you press shift to take out a Golden Tool of the Crafting Bench, you will also see a shovel in your Inventory. This is a Minecraft Bug and the Shovel is only an indication error, which disappears after you open a Chest or drop the Item.