TP Base

Do you have enough from walking thousand Blocks to the Stronghold or a Nether Fortress? So it's time to install this Datapack.


You will get the Possibility to set different Portals which are conected to each other and teleports you to the other if you walk trough it.







2x Eyes of Ender

2x Ghast Tears

1x Heart of the Sea

If you are in creative you can execute this Command to get the TP Base:

/function tpbase:give

If you want to remove all Tp Base you can execute this Command:

/function tpbase:reset


  1. After you crafted this recipe above, you will get the first TP Base.
  2. Place it at the first Spot.
  3. You get a new Item, which you can place at the other Spot, where you want to be teleported.
  4. If you placed something wrong or if you want to remove the TP Base you just need to break the Block underneath one of the Teleporter.
  5. If you want to change to Block, which marks the Teleporter, you can drop the Item you want to display and a flint to the Teleporter. It only will remove the Flint. The other Item you can pickup afterwards.

If you craft a new TP Base while you haven't finished the Setup of the TP Base before you will get a TP Base Item, which will be replaced as soon as you finished the Setup of the TP Base before.

More Settings

  • Change the maximum Count of TP Base you can have at one time in the World (Default: 10)
    It can cause lags, if you have a to big amount of TP Base.
    /scoreboard players set #max tpbase_test 10
  • Disable Customisation, to enable it again you need to execute the same Command except of the 1 replace with a 0.
    /scoreboard players set #custom tpbase_test 1