Short Commands

Do you often change the Gamemode and you want to execute some Commands faster. With this Datapack you can do this very easy.


This gives you new Commands to change the Gamemode, kill Entities in Radius of 1 Block, teleport to a custom setable Homepoint and a new Chat Menu, where you have a lot more Shortcuts to execute Commands.









/trigger kill      Kills all Entities in distance of 1 Block

/trigger mode    Toggle between survival and creative Mode

/trigger spawn   Teleports you to your Wordspawn Point

/trigger cmd    Opens the Chat Menu

Chat Menu

Regeneration Gives you Regeneration
Restistance  Gives you Resistance
Night Vision Gives you Nigth Vision
Saturation Gives you Saturation
Clear Effects Clears every effect you have
Clear Inventory Clears your Inventory
Night Set the Time to Midnight
Day Set the Time to Noon
Get the Data of the nearest entity Place the Command to do this in the Chat, that you don't need to write it
Kill Items Kills all Items in the World


At the first Time you join the World with the Datapack on it, you should go to the Spawn and execute this Command:

/function shortcmd:setup