Powered Enchanting

It's only a Preview, the Datapack could have big bugs!!

Now you can add one special Effect on Iron, Stone and Diamond Tools and Armor. You also get the Feature to reduce the Cost for the Repair in the Anvil. 


Drop Crafting:

  • 1x Enchanted Book
  • 2x Emeralds
  • 2x Diamonds

Drop this Item on an Enchanting Table to power it. You get a Book, in which you can find all the Recipes to power. 



Night Vision [Helmet]

  • 4x Glowstone
  • 2x Phantom Membrane
  • 2x Torch

Saturation [Chestplate]

  • 1x Enchanted Golden Apple
  • 1x Cake
  • 6x Golden Apple

Stronger Legs [Leggings]

  • In work

Nofall [Boots]

  • 4x Rabbit's Foot
  • 1x Feather Falling 4 Book
  • 2x Magma Cream
  • 2x Slime Block

Xp cost reduce [All]

  • In work

Faster Hit [Sword]

  • In Work

Auto Smelt [Pickaxe]

  • 1x Flint and Steel
  • 1x Furnace
  • 2x Diamond Block
  • 4x Coal Block

* [Shovel]

  • In work

Timber [Axe]

  • In work

Harvest [Hoe]

  • In work


Drop the listed Items from the Recipe and the right Tool or Armor on the powered Enchanting Table to power. This Items are Powerable: