How to play

  • Please read first the set up.
  • If you finish with the Set up open the Chat and write:
    /trigger Murder
  • If this don't work make sure that you have left the Config Mode and that no other Player is in the Config Mode.
  • Then the first Countdown 30s starts. In this Time other Players can join. (To play you need at least 2 Player)
  • If you want to leave you need to enter /trigger Murder again.
  • After the 30s the Game start and the Murder have 5 min to kill all other Player.
  • The Detective need to find the Murder and kill him before he kill all Player.
  • The other Players can hide or collect Gold. (with 6 Gold you get a bow and you also can search the Murder)

Do you like playing Murder on big Server?

Now you can play it with your Friends on your own Server. These Game is modular that you can play it on every Map with a short installation.
  You also can download a finished Map to start playing right away.

You also can have multiple Maps in one World. The Game will choose one random.

Set up

  1. Install the Datapack and rejoin the World or restart the Server.
  2. Enable Cheats and give you op if you are on a Server, open the Chat and paste this Command in:
    /tag @s add murder_config
  3. In these Picture you see what the different Items make if you place them.

More Settings (Only for advanced Command User!)

  • Disable spectator after death
    /scoreboard players set #spectator murder 1
  • Disable Gold drop
    /scoreboard players set #gold murder 1
  • Disable automated Bow purchase
    /scoreboard players set #bow murder 1
  • Disable Chat start (You need to make your own start!)
    /scoreboard players #chatstart murder 1

To enable it again you need to execute the same Command except of the 1 replace with a 0.