Jump and Run

Do you want to build a Jump and Run? So this is the right Datapack for you. With it you can make your own Jump and Run with Check Points and a Timer.


To start the Game, you need to pass the Jump and Run Start Point. To leave it again you can drop the Barrier in your Inventory.

If you pass a Check Point, you will be teleported back to this Point, if you fall down.

If you pass the Jump and Run End Point you have finished the Game and the Timer stops.


Set up

  1. Install the Datapack and rejoin the World or restart the Server.
  2. Build your Jump and Run. You only can take Block which are listed bellow. The other Blocks will teleport you back to the last Checkpoint.
  3. Enable Cheats or give yourself op if you are on a Server, and execute this Command:
    /tag @s add jar_config
  4. In this Picture you can see what the different Items do if you place them.

Parkour Blocks

For the Jump and Run you can only use the Blocks which are listed below. If the Player stands on an other Block, he will be teleported back to his latest Checkpoint. You also need to place these Blocks below the Start and End Point.


The Blocks are:

 - Walls

 - Fences

 - Chorus Fruit

 - Chorus Plant

 - Ladder

 - Vine

 - Iron Bars

 - Glass Pane (stained and clear)

- Slime Block

- Honey Block (1.15 +)

- Chain (1.16 +)

- Weeping Vines (1.16 +)

- Twisting Vines (1.16 +)

 - Slabs

 - Double Slabs (If you place to Slabs on each other, they look like an normal Block, but they aren't)